Do you have an historic piece of furniture or a cherished family heirloom you would like to preserve? We have extensive experience working with important pieces of furniture.

Our experienced craftsmen will work with you to restore your valuable antique without compromising its integrity. 

Atlanta Furniture Restoration.png
Atlanta Furniture Restoration.png

“Repairs are like a chain” - “They’re only as strong as the weakest link”- meaning- Unrepaired joints can break and take the new repairs with them.

Before you throw away that broken but cherished piece of furniture, let us evaluate it—in most cases it can be repaired to give you many more years of service.

Our craftsmen will repair your broken or loose chairs, wobbly tables and other items. We use state-of-the-art glues that can make the joints stronger than the original. Once the joint is repaired the seam is cleaned and touched up.

In many cases, our repairs are barely visible.



It's been my passion to repair woven chairs since I learned the craft as a kid.  I love having  the opportunity to take something broken and unusable and return it to its former glory.  I pride myself on offering quality work. Get in touch today to talk about your project!  

Atlanta Furniture Restoration.png