About Us

At Atlanta Furniture Restoration, we have over 50 years of experience in chair caning and antique

and furniture repairs and restoration. Our furniture repairs hold because we completely dismantle

and reassemble every joint that will come apart. It is rebuilt using assembly glues and then
clamped under pressure. As I say: “Repairs are like a chain” - “They’re only as strong as the weakest

link” -meaning- Unrepaired joints can break and take the new repairs with them.

Our photo albums shows examples of us doing it the right way the first time.


I’m now in my 51st . year with Atlanta Furniture Restoration and am still fascinated with the many pieces that come in with different problems and challenges. We have always prided ourselves on doing the job right the first time. It is a basic mantra that we still cling to.A simple, but effective rule that has served us well. "Our customer
reviews are the testament."

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Commitment To Our Customers 

Our first duty at Atlanta Furniture Restoration, is to only take in what we feel we can do a great job on. For that reason, we have had to turn down more than we bring into the shop.

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I want to be sure that we and our customer are on the same page. I want my clients to be informed as to what to expect with the outcome of their furniture.

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