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Atlanta Furniture Restoration


Furniture Repair and Antique Repair


The keys to quality furniture and antique repair are invisibility and durability.  Most repairs are virtually seamless; we try to minimize anything that will compromise a piece’s integrity or current value.  At Atlanta Furniture Restoration, we can:


  • re-fabricate and replace missing parts
  • reinforce loose joints and re-glue


Furniture Refinishing


At Atlanta Furniture Restoration, all furniture is prepared for refinishing by hand stripping, followed by various sanding procedures.  Refinishing may include:


  • Stained and color toned for a match as close as possible or as specified by our client. 
  • Each layer of material hand worked for a superior finish. 
  • Each finish sealed by layered coats of protective material for beauty and durability.


Furniture Restoration and Antique Restoration


Atlanta Furniture Restoration believes the key to quality furniture restoration is to preserve the integrity of the original piece.  A restoration job may entail all or some of the following:


  • Missing parts fabricated and replaced (decorative hardware, ornaments, etc.)
  • Touch-ups, color blending and matching

We pride ourselves on restoring antiques and fine furniture back to its original beauty.


Seat Caning



We offer over 40 years experience in doing pre-woven caning, hand caning, blind French caning, and rush seats.